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DJ Hyperactive – Black On Black Ep

A slumbering giant awakens to produce a fantastic 3 track EP by relaunching his own label 4Trk Records. You may know this Chicago techno collossus by the name DJ Hyperactive (otherwise known as Joseph Manumaleuna). His first release was in the early nineties, also playing at memorable club nights like Lost he’s been blazing a phenomenal trail ever since.What I love most about 303.1 is the sheer simplicity of the track. The first things to grab you are the pure fiendishly sounding bassline and beats that yield an intoxicating, dark atmosphere. The addition of beat layers create interesting rhythms and the percussion adds just a smidgen of funk, but when the 303 is ramped up you better fasten your seatbelts!There is something about The Walk that makes it extraordinarily prepossesing, possibly from the bell like effect that’s constantly struck and the deep synth. It’s virtually minimal in style, but not quite. This track is again dark in nature, however, there is an unsettling air of nervous anticipation and intangible mystery that keep you positively enthralled.Of all the tracks on this EP I find Lightspeed To Oblivion without doubt to be the deepest of the three. It’s truly spine tingling stuff. Hypnotic is not a strong enough word to explain the overall effect this track has. It takes its time and slowly creeps up on you stealthily like a cat burglar. Although, it is not going to swipe your possessions, its here to steal your soul!DJ Hyperactive can rest easy regarding the relaunch of his own label if this EP is anything to go by. It is stonkingly good and I defy any of you technoheads not to like it. Don’t wait until this release is all snapped up.

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