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Chicago born and bred DJ, Producer Joseph Manumaleuna aka DJ Hyperactive needs little introduce to those versed in the history of techno.  As one of Daft Punk’s “Teachers” and “brother of the humble” according to Resident Adviser, his contributions to the underground continue to span generations.  Honing his skills in the highly influential scene and sound of Chicago in the early 90s, DJ Hyperactive gained instant international recognition and has since gone on to play the most legendary and lauded events and venues over the last 20 years, such as Orbit/ Leeds, Liquid Room/ Tokyo, Love Parade/ Berlin, Shelter, Smart Bar, Primary/ Chicago, Interface/ Los Angeles, Movement/ Detroit, Output/ Brooklyn, Tresor/ Berlin, Berghain/ Berlin and the list doesn’t stop there.  Also over the course of his career, he has produced over 100 remixes and original tracks, including classics such as ‘Venus’ & ‘Wide Open’ - Missile, ‘25HRs’ - Droid Recordings, “Music Box’ on his own imprint 4 Track Recordings, ‘Chicago’ - Contact, Truncate, Figure, Blank Code, Impact Mechanics, Nachstrom Schallplatten, CLR, to name a few.  DJ Hyperactivereturned to Chicago 2013 to reconnect with his family and musical roots.  His story continues with more gigs and more studio productions, with the difference being the experience and perspective that only a true veteran can possess.  


Planet of Drums
LC08 DJ Hyperactive RX Tribe(12″)
LC07 DJ Hyperactive Recorded In Chicago (12″)

Missile Records
Missile 15 DJ Hyperactive Venus (12″)
Missile 17 DJ Hyperactive Organ Donor (12″)
Missile 24 DJ Hyperactive Venus (Remix) (2×12″)

Contact Records
CON-1001 DJ Hyperactive Cermak & Central (12″)
CON-1002 Various DJ Hyperactive presents Chicago Beat Freax (12″)
CON-1003 DJ Hyperactive Chicagoan EP (12″, EP)
CON-1004 Various Recruiter EP (12″, EP)
CON-1006 DJ Hyperactive Jazzcore (12″)
CON-1007 Gustav Schumann Home Away From Home (12″)
CON-1009 DJ Hyperactive SOS Remixes (12″)
CON-1010 DJ Hyperactive Hotwire (12″)
CON-1012 DJ Hyperactive Don’t Panic (12″)
CON-1013 DJ Hyperactive Fraction (12″)
CON-1014 Arrogance Expert (12″)
CON-1017 DJ Hyperactive Motor (12″)
CON-1020 DJ Hyperactive The Shaker (12″)

C 004 Various Out Of The Purple Haze (2×12″)
C 012 DJ Hyperactive Samoan Acid Stomper (12″)
C 027 Various Strangely Arranged – Communiqué Records Volume One (2xCD)
CMQ-001 DJ ESP One With The Universe (12″)

Drop Bass Network
DBN 004 DJ Hyperactive Hard Rhythmic Motions (12″)
DBN 012 Various Midwest Hard corps E.P. (12″, EP)
DBN 017 DJ Hyperactive Don’t F…With Chicago (12″)

Hybrid Sound Architectures
HYB 019 Blank Program We Need Input (2×12″) (w/DJ Skull)
HYB LP 004 DJ Hyperactive I’m Only Buggin’ (2xLP)

SO 10 Joe Manu* I Like To Get Down (12″)
SO 13 DJ Hyperactive Muzik Make You Lose Control (12″)
SO 17 Modal Lovers Remixes (2×12″)


High Octane Compilation, Octane Rating 98.1 (CD) The Rub High Octane Recordings 1998
House Blend Volume 2 (CD) Reptilian Tank Peerless 1998
Lagoa 3 (CD) Wide Open 541 1998
Live Sabotage: Live In Belgium (CD) RX Tribe X-Sight Records 1998
Mega Music Dance Experience – ClubQuarium (2xCD) Wide Open PolyGram TV 1998
Octane 98.1 (2×12″, Promo) The Rub High Octane Recordings 1998
Serious Beats 28 (2xCD, Comp) Wide Open 541 1998
Solid Sounds 8 (2xCD) Wide Open (DJ Superslo… 541 1998
Sound Of Acid Core Vol. 5 (2xCD, Dig) Burner Cyber Production 1998
Big Hits (CD) Reptilian Tank Underground Construction 1999
I ? Techno 7 – A True Love Story (CD) Scuff 541 1999
Montreal Basement 1 (CD) A.M. Deliverance Distr!ck 1999
Out Soon (CD, Comp) Wide Open (Version Edit) La Tribu (2) 1999
Series I (12″) Reptilian Tank Morpheus Productions 1999
Techno Booster 5 (Cass) Wide Open BMG (France) 1999
Dangertrance 2000 (2xCass) Wide Open, Biohazard Records 2000
Techno 2000 (4xCD) Wide Open BMG 2000
Techno Collection (2xCD + Box) Rx Tribe Distance 2000
HouseTrip2001 (CD) Reptilian Tank Strictly Hype Recordings 2001
Techno | 2001/1 (CD, Comp, Mixed) Reptilian Tank Millennium Records 2001
Club System Gold (CD) Wide Open EVA Belgium 2002
Keep It Move’n (CD) Reptilian Tank Waxworks Records 2002
Now & Wow #04 (2xCD) Wide Open Basic Beat Recordings 2002
The History Of Hard House (2xCD, Mixed) Reptilian Tank Surge Recordings 2002
The Best Of Dancemania – Chicago Ghetto House (CD) Tilt Dance Mania 2003
Bringin The Funk (CD) Hotwire Faded Muzik 2004
Negative -1 Droid Compilation (CD, Comp) Soul Trak (Bonus Track) Droid Recordings 2004
Serious Beats 50 (The 2nd Saga Of House) (4xCD) Wide Open 541 2006
Ambulance – The Remixes (File, MP3, 320) Ambulance (DJ Hyperactive remix) Impact Mechanics 2007


Sm:)e Communications
2-0 Drumaddik Tilt / Space Funk (10″, Gre)

Delerium USA
DELUSA 950603 Freddie Fresh* / DJ Hyperactive Presents

Alien Funk (12″)

SAB 01 DJ Hyperactive Mireille’s Tonic EP (12″)

UC 108 Sync Futuric Acid (12″)
UC 117 Sync Therapy EP (2×12″, EP)
UC 129 Sync Third E.P. (12″, EP)
UC 136 Sync Funktional (2×12″)
UC 238 DJ Hyperactive No Place Like Home (12″)

EC Records
EC 026 DJ Hyperactive Wide Open (12″)
EC 027 DJ Hyperactive Wide Open (Remixes) (12″)

Clockwork Recordings
CW 022 DJ Hyperactive Scuff (12″)

4 Track Recordings
4TRK-001 DJ Hyperactive P.51 (12″)
4TRK-006 DJ Hyperactive Leaving (dig)
4TRK-007 DJ Hyperactive Cermak & Central (dig)
4TRK-008 DJ Hyperactive Jazzcore (dig)
4TRK-009 Gustav Schumann H.A.F.H.(dig)
4TRK-010 DJ Hyperactive Classics Vol. 1 (dig)
4TRK-011 Trait Full Duplex (dig)
4TRK-012 DJ Hyperactive Jazzcore Remixes (dig)

Analog Records
Analog 06 Various Midwest Acid Harvest (12″)

Tracks Appear On:
Caution Acid! (Cass) Power Plug, Don’t… Dr. Freecloud’s Mixing Lab 1995
Loops (12″, W/Lbl, TP, Ltd) 8 1, 8 2 Serotonin 1995
Sixt (2×12″) 0 D.B. Head In The Clouds 1995
A Tale Of 3 Cities (2×12″) Hotwire Emergency Broadcast 1996
A Tale Of 3 Cities (CD, Dig) Hotwire Emergency Broadcast 1996
Bangin’ The Box Vol. 2 (CD, Comp, Mixed) Reptilian Tank Mix Connection Multimedia 1996
Hard Techno (CD) Don’t Panic Fairway Record 1996


House Blend Volume 2 (CD) Don’t Panic Underground Construction 1996
Proper Comp 2.0 (2xLP) Krafty Proper N.Y.C. 1996
Proper N.Y.C. Comp 2.0 (CD) Krafty Proper N.Y.C. 1996
Psychotrance 3 (CD) Clip Moonshine Music 1996
Victims Of House (2xCD, Comp + CD, Mixed, Comp) Venus Sub Terranean 1996
Alien Underground (CD) Alien Funk Kickin Records 1997
Alien Underground (2xLP) Alien Funk Kickin Records 1997
Baccardi’s 3 (2xCD) Yeahhh Antler-Subway 1997
D.J. House Mix Vol. 1 (CD) Reptilian Tank Beast Records 1997
DJ Connection 7 (CD) Planet Of Drums 7 N.E.W.S. 1997
Global House Culture Vol. 4 (CD) Channelin, RX Tribe ESP-SUN Records 1997
Greatest Launches Vol. 1 (2xCD) Venus Missile Records 1997
Greatest Launches Vol. 1 (4×12″) Venus Missile Records 1997
Hard House Live At The Legendary Arena (CD, Mixed) Clip, Reptilian Tank Underground Construction 1997
House Live (CD, Mixed) Don’t Panic Underground Construction 1997
Tracks Appear On continued:
Mindwaves 3000 (2xCass) Squibbler, Schtick Pure Acid Mix tapes, Biohazard Records 1997
Psychotrance 5 (CD) Planet Of Drums 8 – AX… Moonshine Music 1997
Strangely Arranged – Communiqué Records Volume One (2xCD) Squelch, Ear Drum Communiqué Records 1997
Techno Session (CD, Comp) Wide Open Out Soon Records 1997
Technological Elements 3 – Mixed By Michel De Hey (CD) Wide Open Natural Records 1997
Three DJ’s In A Box – Volume II (3xCD) RX Tribe Arcade 1997
Absolute Hard Techno (CD) Yeahhh, Chicago Fairway Record 1998
Cherry Moon 9 (The Invasion) (CD) Wide Open (Missile) N.E.W.S. 1998
Club System 10 (CD) Wide Open EVA Belgium 1998
D-Mention 98 (CD) Rx Tribe Distance 1998
Four X Harder Volume 2 (CD, Mixed, DJ + Cass, Mixed, DJ) Reptilian Tank Underground Construction 1998
Futuristic Experiments Chapter One (12″) Untitled Background 1998


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