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Since being introduced to electronic music back in the early 90's, Audio Injection has been hooked. At the early age of 15 he started Djing and playing out at local underground events and raves around the Southern California area. You would find him spinning various styles from house, acid, & techno to hardcore techno. After years of Djing he then decided to learn to produce his own music, which la…nded him releases on techno labels such as Monoid, Stimulus, & local label Droid Recordings.
Orlando Solis also known as Submerge is an American electronic music producer and DJ from Chicago, and son of successful musician Jose Luis Napoleon Solis. The techno aficionado can now be found playing some of the world’s most renowned places such as Berlin’s Berghain, Tresor, Chicago's Rosemont, Primary, SmartBar, Luxembourg's, Marx Club, Spain’s Fabrik, Vienna’s Camera Club, South Korea, Platoon / MWG, Milan Italy, Club 2.0 Frankfurt German, Batschkapp, U6011, Nature One
Hailing from the old Chicago Midwestern electronic music scene, Angel started as a DJ at the age of 14, and later released his first record in 1996 with his debut double-pack techno EP titled “Advanced Therapy" on DJ Hyperactives's Contact Records. Since then he has continued to sling music, landing him on labels such as Naked Lunch, Impact Mechanics, Kombination Research, Tresor, Illegal Alien, Gynoid, Spark, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Phobiq, and BoysNoize, and has also been featured on Tresor,
Techno craftsman Andrei Morant holds a focus as sharp and abductive as his sound. A paramount figure in the Houston underground since the early 90s, the North American artist also known as Jack Mackrel quickly established himself as a professional. Morant started DJing in 1986, and only three years after his first gig in 1990, embarked on his production career. Over 50 releases later, he is now recognized world round for his catalog of insurgent beats.
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